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The Story Of Your Business: What Role Should You Play

Updated: May 9

"The Story Of Your Business: What Role Should You Play"

Accepting a surprising truth: You, as the business owner, are not the main character in your company's story. Though it might be challenging to grasp initially, this realization can transform your approach to connecting with your audience. While you and your peers undoubtedly put in tremendous effort to bring your company's idea to life, your clients and potential customers are the true protagonists.

Young Business Owners Collaborating on marketing strategies to tell their story
Business Owner

Often, business owners unintentionally cast themselves as the hero, relegating their clients to supporting roles. This perspective can have unintended consequences, as it might lead your leads to seek a story where their individual needs and challenges are front and center. In today's society, everyone desires to feel like the main character in their journey, and overlooking this fact may inadvertently turn potential clients away if your message focuses solely on showcasing your greatness.

To correct your narrative, the first step is to understand the problems your target audience faces. Take the time to identify three main challenges that your services can address, which your potential clients are most frustrated with. Armed with this knowledge, reimagine your business story from the perspective of the client—the true focus of your narrative. Demonstrate a deep understanding of their struggles, particularly those relating to your industry, and position yourself as a supporting character ready to come alongside them whenever they need assistance.

By doing so, you achieve two crucial objectives:

  1. Your marketing message becomes more powerful, emphasizing that your primary goal is to provide a helping hand rather than merely making a sale.

  2. You gain invaluable insights into your clients' challenges, enabling you to tailor your products and services to meet their specific needs effectively.

Young Business Owners Collaborating on the best marking approach when it comes to story telling
Young Business Owners Collaborating

Remember, clients who are willing to purchase your products are the lifeblood of your business. Hence, it is in your best interest to place them at the core of your story, recognizing their importance and presenting your company as the dependable ally that can assist them in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.


Riley Bahr
Riley Bahr
Aug 15, 2023

This is so true!!


Zachary Cloud
Zachary Cloud
Jul 26, 2023

Great information

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